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Wedding Anniversary Celebration In Budget 

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

A wedding anniversary means another year of love and togetherness. Indeed, it is very special for the couple and needs to be celebrated with equal amounts of love and romance. When it’s about celebrations, some like to throw lavish parties, go for elaborate dinners, while others like to keep it simple and intimate.

What’s your idea of celebrating an anniversary? If you are anything like us, who love cosy and personal celebrations, then these ideas are for you. Here are anniversary celebration ideas in the budget because it’s about love and spending quality time with each other. Rather than enjoying the luxuries of life. Whether it’s your 1st or 50th, these ideas will work their magic


  1. Netflix and Food: If you think candlelight dinners are passe’, then how about Netflix and Food? Yes, a new and classy twist to the old candle night dinners. To execute this plan, you and your partner can cook each other’s favourite meals. If he loves Italian, cook pasta and pizza. If she is more of a desi girl, then a maggie or packets of snacks would do. Stream a series on Netflix that you both have an interest in watching, and have a Netflix date. If cooking is too much for you, order online.


  1. A Wedding PhotoShoot: Anniversaries always take you in a flashback to the day when you got married. And you and your partner get a glorious chance to relive all those moments, the haldi, mehandi, nuptials, etc. You can recreate the same magic on your anniversary day. You can wear the same clothes and click photos together. You both can strike similar poses from the wedding album, etc.


  1. Rewrite the Wedding Vows: This one is an extension of the earlier point. After the photo session, you can take your vows again, but with a twist. Now that you are partners, you may want to make some new promises to each other, or you may like to make modifications to the existing ones. So, you can light up some candles on the table and retake vows.


  1. Bake and Frost Cake: For your anniversary celebration, a cake is a must. If you are thinking of ordering an anniversary cake, it’s a good idea. But, better would be baking and frosting a cake together. This activity would give you and your partner the space to get closer and bond. So, after baking, frost it together. Roll the fondant and cut hearts out of it. You can also experiment with cake flavours. Try baking a different cake this time, maybe a coffee cake, red velvet cake.


  1. Have a DJ night: Dance to each other’s tunes. Dim the lights, put on ferry lights, play music and dance. Have a kind of Dj night at your home. Not in the mood for something sentimental? Play the Punjabi wedding music, groove on peppy numbers, pour cocktails and mocktails and have a gala time. It will be a sweet and meaningful moment for you both to share.


  1. Plant Trees: Nurture your love and relationship naturally! If you have an outdoor space, backyard or a balcony, make the most of it and plant trees that would bear sweet fruits and flowers of your love. It is a long-term project, keep nourishing the plants together as you have nurtured your relationship. You can also put a plaque card with the date in front of each plant that you sow for beautiful memories.


  1. Write Love Letters: No worldly pleasure can ever match the joy of receiving hand-written letters. Write love letters for each other. In the letter, you could mention about the journey with him or her, how much you have evolved as a couple, and all the sweet things about your partner and your relationship with him or her. Seal it with your kiss and give it to your partner.


  1. Quiz Each Other: Wedding anniversary calls for some fun. It is also a way to get to know each other better. Take Mr. & Mrs. Quiz, Find out your love language, Never I Have I Ever, etc. We bet, you this would be fun and enlightening.


So, these were some of the anniversary celebration ideas that won’t cost you a fortune but will add to your life lovely memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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