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Manage Your Small Business with These Apps

Starting a business is very difficult, after all, you have to keep a track of all the capital, investments, materials, licenses, packaging, and endless other things. Well, once you’re done with all that, people tell you it’s going to get easier from here. But of course, they don’t know the million other things you have to look after to keep things going. 

Managing a business is much more difficult than starting one, some might think. Honestly, both of them are hard enough on their own, and unfortunately, they both go hand-in-hand. Although it is possible to make things a little easier for you.

A few basics of starting a small business is having a speedy and reliable internet connection. How else can you deal with customers’ queries, orders, complaints, and so on? So, one of the first things you should do is set up a good internet connection, preferably one with a good customer support rate as well. 

Xfinity is an example of such a provider and you can just tell this judging by the fact that they prioritize their customers over anything! They even have a separate customer support team/department, Xfinity Servicio al Cliente, dedicated to their Spanish and Latino customers.

Let’s take a look at the apps perfect for small business management.

Best Business and Organization Apps

If you don’t quite understand the concept of a business plan or canvas, don’t worry. A lot of people get confused when it comes to things like this. You just need a little help and guidance. And this is why we have recommended some of the best apps to help you with that.

Aside from making business plans, you also have to organize everything regarding your business, isn’t that right? A pencil and a notebook work just fine, but wouldn’t it be easier to just have everything on your phone? Of course! 

Take a look at the apps mentioned below to manage your small business.


Not a lot of people use fax machines anymore. They are used in workplaces even today, but since everything has moved to digital, people have looked for alternatives. CamScanner is one such app that is ideal when it comes to scanning or taking clear pictures of documents. 

You can even choose the format of your choice, whether you want the file in a pdf, jpg, doc, or any other format. Then, you can send or print these out for your job, school, and so on.


If you want to make a proper business plan for your small business and don’t know how to, try LivePlan. All you have to do is answer some questions about your business and LivePlan will put it all together to show you your plan. You can even find templates for other business plans to get some inspiration. You can edit or even just copy from these template plans too, it’s not an issue since these are designed specifically to help you out.

Best Team Management Apps

Managing teams can be a bit difficult since you are bound to have more than one at your workplace. How do you ensure that the work is submitted and at what time? How do you assign work to them, if you are traveling? How can your coworkers share files with each other and work in collaboration?

Take a look at the apps below that will help you with this.


On Asana, you can collaborate, assign, share, upload, and download files with your coworkers, bosses, and any other employee. At the same time, you can keep a check on the work progress that you or somebody else has assigned. This app allows you to connect with Google Drive and Dropbox for file sharing, or otherwise, you can upload directly from your device as well.


While emailing somebody can be managed with your phone, laptop, or any other device, it is still a hassle to write out a formal email every time you have to talk to your boss or another employee. Moreover, not everyone checks their email all the time. You need something more efficient like Slack to help you here. Slack is a messenger app where you can make multiple messaging channels with different people and directly update or communicate there.

Best Business Expense Apps

Managing accounts and finances for a business is too much for one person, especially if they are doing everything else as well! This is usually why corporations and big businesses have entire teams of accountants. Unfortunately, for you, hiring a team of people to manage your finances will be too much. So, instead, you just download and use these apps for free!


QuickBooks was made to be easy to understand and use for any person and it helps you to manage your accounts and finances. This app comes with multiple price points which will be decided based on the size of your business. Profit Analysis, Basic Accounting, Tax Reporting, Inventory Management, etc. are all available in this app. Moreover, you can connect your bank account, and you can now focus on other things in your business!

PayPal Here

If you have problems with receiving and making payments on the go, have you tried using PayPal Here? With this app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to make contactless payments. This way you don’t even need to carry your wallet with you and you can just pay, thanks to this. As you know, everyone has their smartphone on them at all times, this is why the efficiency of this app increases.

All in All

So, these were some of the apps you could use to manage your small business. While these apps won’t exactly completely take over and you still have to work and handle these apps too, it does work enough to lift a weight off your shoulders and that’s what we’re trying to do here with this article. It is also what the app developer must have had in mind, we’re sure. Now, just download these apps and get the break you deserve!

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