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5 Ways To Make Handling Fashion Fun for You

Fashion can shape a person’s identity. On the other hand, it can also be a pain to deal with. All of that shopping and planning might seem downright boring or dull to you. That’s completely understandable! However, if you’re looking to become more stylish, this might be something that you want to work on. In that case, here are five ways to make handling fashion fun for you.

1. Use a Subscription

One way to spice up your wardrobe while having fun is getting a subscription. Many clothing subscriptions provide entertaining ways to experience fashion, mainly by using the element of surprise. Not knowing what you’re about to receive is exciting! Just be sure that the subscription is to something that you’re likely to enjoy. In fact, you may want to try going for smaller pieces of clothing that are less likely to be disappointing. For instance, you could consider getting a women’s underwear subscription.

2. Give Away Harmful Items

Sure, your clothes can’t maliciously injure you. However, you may find that some pieces are causing you some subtle physical or emotional harm. In the more obvious physical sense, some of your clothes might be uncomfortable to wear. In fact, certain ill-fitting pieces (like bras) may cause lasting issues. In an emotional sense, clothes can hold a lot of sentimental value. Unfortunately, this might work against you. A piece that you wore during a hard time in your life could be triggering. Wearing clothes that hurt, whether physically or emotionally, only because the items are a wardrobe staple is no fun. Take a good look at your closet and get rid of things that don’t make you happy.

3. Shop at a Thrift Store

If you’re trying to change your wardrobe while on a budget, shopping at a thrift store is the way to go. It allows you to find clothing that, while slightly used, is far less expensive than the alternative. Thrift stores are also excellent at providing fun additions to your wardrobe. You can step into the past and buy kooky clothes that you wouldn’t find in a regular store. There’s usually such a wide assortment that it’s hard to know what you’ll walk out with! This activity is especially fun to do with friends, so bring a few buddies along if you can.

4. Mix Up Your Combinations

Putting professional tops with professional bottoms seems like an obvious choice. However, sticking with pairing like clothes together may be one source of your boredom. While it might feel odd, see what happens when you mix two different styles of clothing together. For example, you can try wearing a business shirt and a tie with ratty jeans. That doesn’t initially sound like the perfect combo, but it might look great on you. Don’t be afraid to make particularly bold combinations. The more fancy or casual your pieces are, the more fun it can be!

5. Create Your Own Look

The fashion industry is hard to keep up with. It’s also uninterested in flattering everyone’s body or style. Therefore, you may have more fun if you abandon following current fashion trends. Instead, try focusing on yourself. This can be difficult, especially if you’ve been dressing in a normative way for awhile. Try to stop thinking about what clothes are appropriate or how much you might stand out. Think about what clothes you’ve seen and immediately wanted. Even if your personal style seems silly, it’s fun for you. That’s all that matters.

Sure, fashion isn’t everything. But it’s definitely important. Anyone, even people that are uninterested in fashion, may find joy in the perfect outfit. Try these methods out and see what happens. You might be a fashion expert in no time!


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