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The Elements of A Home Security System

The main component of any security system for homes, offices, and industries is video surveillance cameras. These models have special designs and can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are generally divided into various groups and components. Many of them are usually smaller, aesthetic, and easy to hide in the installation. They are designed to work in a space with good lighting, although some models usually have an infrared vision to record at night as indicated by the professionals at Smith Thompson Houston.

The Design

Their design allows them to withstand the atmospheric conditions outside and efficiently capture video with changes in brightness during the day and capture video at night. Its viewing angle and versatility allow large areas to be recorded with good video quality and clarity. In addition to this classification, they can be divided into wired and wireless cameras, the former is usually better for indoor models and have a fully isolated closed circuit, while the latter allows the cameras to be placed anywhere. There are models that can even work with solar panels, so the distance between the surveillance center and the cameras is not an issue. They connect via WiFi or can record videos directly on an SD memory. Nowadays, this technology advances rapidly, so it is not surprising to find increasingly sophisticated, intelligent models, with high definition resolutions and direct storage in the cloud.

Glass Break Sensors

They are very useful in offices and industries where expensive materials and machinery are stored. Glass break detectors are activated when the tension of a window or door glass is broken, which happens when it cracks or breaks completely. They automatically send a signal to the wireless alarm system to activate it. You can place these break sensors near any type of glass object such as your window, but be sure to install them indoors. They are usually inexpensive and are ideal if you want to improve your sense of security.

Door and Window Sensors

They work similarly to the previous ones, detecting when a door or window is opened. They are made up of two sensors that are synchronized and once the door or window is opened, they are activated to send a signal to the business alarm system. They can be wired or wireless. According to the configuration of the alarm system, they can activate an audible and/or sound signal, send a text message or report directly to the business owner. It is one of the oldest security technologies, but it is still one of the most functional, and, being inexpensive, it can be installed on all kinds of doors with a low investment.

Alarm System

While all of the above components can function independently, an alarm system helps centralize security settings. This can be defined as a control panel that connects to all security sensors and components and detects their activation to send the corresponding business alarms. Each sensor includes a configuration that provides pertinent information to the alarm system.


Due to the increase in the crime rate, professional security systems have become a necessity, and it is no longer a luxury because it not only prevents robberies and other criminal activities. It also saves people and companies time and money. Nobody wants to endanger their assets, the safety of their families and employees, and their products or machinery. Theft can cost a lot of money and despite having theft insurance, there is also the risk of exposure to bodily harm.


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