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Some unique characteristics and benefits of the Neelam gemstone.

Blue sapphire or Neelam as it is more commonly known in India is a natural gemstone, in which corundum is the main constituent and it has traces of a few other metals that makes the gemstone so dazzlingly beautiful and bluish in colour. Sapphire is one of the most valuable and pristine of all the precious gemstones. Neelam is known for being one of the strongest and most effective gemstones and you must wear it only after seeking advice from a renowned astrologer or after consulting a gemstone pundit.

What makes the Neelam gemstone so unique?

Neelam stone, known, as the blue sapphire in English is a precious and a uniquely different gemstone having multiple uses and benefits. It falls in the category of the top three gemstones alongside Ruby and Emerald. Sapphire is difficult to find and is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. It is known to greatly effect ones destiny, fortune and course of life. Sapphire got its name from the Persian word ‘Safir’ that means blue and it is also commonly referred to as the ‘stone of wisdom’.

Sapphire is easy to recognise due to its unique blue shade. You must keep in mind that sapphire is available in different colours like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow orange and red. However, the definitive and archetypal blue coloured sapphire is preferred by most for its style, grace and beauty. The shape of the sapphire can be oval, square shaped having rounded corners or completely round. The sapphire undergoes heat treatment, which gives it its colour and enhances its clarity.

Sapphires are available in different qualities. Some can be of a top quality and which is very expensive. Some others can be of a mediocre quality as well. A renowned and experienced gem otologist will tell you that a sapphire stone of the best quality will be either deep blue or violet blue containing small inclusions within the stone, which diffuse light to give a dazzling visual appearance. Poor quality sapphires will be greyish or faded blue in colour.

Another unique characteristic of a sapphire is that it changes its colour with the change in the power or vigour of light. Sapphires that change colour will look blue in the daytime or sunshine and purple under incandescent light. You can find Sapphire mines located all over the world but they are not easy to obtain. Some of the Asian countries where you can find sapphire mines are China, Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka. Sapphire mines are also found in the African countries of Nigeria and Tanzania. Canada and Australia too has sapphire mines.

The benefits of wearing the blue sapphire

1)            Brings good luck- a Neelam gemstone can immediately turn ones course of fortune. It can change the course of your life by bringing in riches, good luck, opportunities, and job promotions almost as soon as the user wears it. When worn in the right manner the blue sapphire can positively change your life by offering the wearer name, fame, respected and high  position in society or in the can cause your wealth to increase greatly and hence wearing a Neelam stone offers financial stability in the wearers life.

2)            Has healing properties- a Neelam stone when worn the correct way and after consulting a gemmologist, can help you get an overall good physical, emotional and psychological health. Sapphire also helps in digestion, offers vitality and helps to prevent from several stomach and gastro-intestinal diseases. Astrologers believe that sapphire is helpful in curing paralysis, diseases of the bone, skin, tooth and asthma. Sapphire is also said to cure sicknesses like migraines, high fever, nervous disorders, poor vision and nose bleeding

3)            Is protective-Neelam gemstone is enormously protective in nature as it protects you from your foes, evil eye, envy, hatred and other protects the wearer from theft, terror, accidents, natural calamities like earthquake, fire, hail etc. It protects your home from robbery, ill omen and from other evils. It also protects you from your foes.

4)            Improves focus- wearing a blue sapphire is extremely beneficial to students to help them study well as it helps to increase the focus and concentration, which helps them get overall success. It clears confusions and doubts in the mind of the students and helps them in their problem solving skills. It helps in decision-making and clears confusions of the mind thereby brining clarity to the mind. It also helps the wearer to make the right and quick –witted decisions. It helps to bring flawlessness in work and sharpens the skills of the wearer. As such, when surgeons, doctors and scientists wear this stone it benefits them a great deal.

5)            Spiritual benefits- Neelan stone is highly beneficial to people who are spiritually focussed. It improves meditation, self-confidence, self-esteem and keeps the mind at peace and tranquillity. It offers comfort and relaxation to the body and mind of the wearer. As such, the wearer does not suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other related disorders. It makes the wearer bold and fearless and bring positivity in their lives.

So here, we see how beneficial the Neelam gemstone is to whoever wears it after consulting an astrologer. Due to its divine properties, the incredible Neelam is considered by many as a holy gemstone.   It is one of the most sacred gemstones and almost all the religions of the world mentions it. You can buy Neelam stone online or from a certified and trustworthy gemstone store.

To get the best Neelam stone visit the website of Khannagems, which is leading gemstone shop in India. They have the expertise of more than three decades in understanding and obtaining the real gemstones. They sell government certified semi-precious gemstones, the quality of which is excellent and unmatched to no other gemstone seller. Mr. Pankaj Khanna, the reputed astrologer and gemmologist, located in Delhi will help you know the price of the Neelam stone and the properties and reasons behind wearing the stone. Visit to get the best gemstones.

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