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War Full Movie Download In Hindi 720p: Free Download Link For The Best Indian Movie In 2019

War movie download

War Full Movie Download In Hindi 720p: Get free download link right here for the highest-grossing Hindi movie of 2019. Best action-thriller film.

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Do you like action films? If you are, you’re in the right zone, after a bunch of new 2020 action-thriller movies, we are introducing to you an excellent movie from 2019. Heck, even if you are not a fan of action films, you should really try this one.

Why, you may ask? For starter, this movie was the highest-grossing Indian movie of last year. Yes, we are talking about War full movie download in Hindi 720p.

War full movie download in Hindi 720p

War full movie download in Hindi 720p: Introduction

War, released in 2019, is an Indian action thriller movie in Hindi, produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Siddharth Anand. The movie starred Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan.

War came out in cinemas in October last year and became the highest-grossing Indian movie of 2019 with a total amount of Rs 475 crore. Now, before talking about War full movie download in Hindi, let’s see what happens in this film.

War full movie download in Hindi 720p

War full movie download free: Plot

In New Delhi, V.K. Naidu, a secret agent (played by Mohit Chauhan) contacted a mysterious sniper to kill a target. But the sniper ends up shooting Naidu then escapes.

The sniper turns out to be a former, and one of the best agents at Research and Analysis Wing, named Kabir (played by Hrithik Roshan).

Not long after RAW and Kabir’s boss joined secretary, Colonel Sunil Luthra (played by Ashutosh Rana) betrays Sherna Patel, the Defence Minister.

She tells the agency to summon RAW agent Khalid Rahmani (played by Tiger Shroff), who used to be mentored by Kabir and admires Kabir very much.

The movie then shifts to a flashback showing Khalid being introduced to Kabir, who asks Sunil about the loyalty of Khalid to India.

He argues that Abdul Rahmani, Khalid’s father, betrayed the country and Kabir himself. But Khalid insists Kabir that he will loyally serve the nation and will resume his family’s honor.

War full movie download in Hindi 720p

After a successful, important, and intense mission, Kabir and Khalid talk when Kabir notices Khalid’s one-sided aim. Khalid says that the injury was caused by a school bully who smashed his right eye after his father’s treason.

Kabir then admits that he was testing Khalid, and now accepts the new agent after seeing how he loves and get along with his mother Nafeesa.

Kabir inducts Khalid into his special force team that also includes agent Saurabh, agent Prateek, agent Muthu, and hacker Aditi. The next mission for the team is Rizwan Illiyasi, a terrorist-cum-businessman and a criminal mastermind.

The team overpowers Illiyasi and nearly succeeds another mission when the criminal says to Kabir that his team has a mole with full loyalty to his terrorism cause. Suddenly, agent Saurabh shoots the agents supporting Kabir’s team, turning out to be the defector.

It turns out that Illiyasi gave Saurabh almost $100 million in exchange for his betrayal to the country.

Khalid gets angry and starts to chase Saurabh. Kabir tries to stop him but fails. Then, Illyasi’s henchmen shoot Kabir to unconsciousness.

When Kabir comes around, being seriously handicapped, he also notices Khalid on a bed, who has been recovered on the shore by the army.

War full movie download in Hindi 720p

The movie returns to the present day when Khalid tries to find Kabir. Meanwhile, he’s close to being taken off a case after the murder of another agent although he tries to convince Sherna and Sunil to give him one more chance.

At this point, he finds Kabir and learns about Sherna’s next target, Dr. Utpal Biswas. He also learns that Kabir is targeting associates of Naidu, Biswas, and Illiyasi among those responsible.

Kabir is also working in an undercover mission to retrieve a secret document that’s crucially important to Illiyasi. Biswas’s killed and Kabir escapes again.

Kabir is on a holiday and often hangs out with Roohi. He recalls memories of her mother Naina who he was in a relationship with to turn her into a perfect civilian asset. After knowing who Kabir really is, Naina lost her trust in him and hesitantly helped him to protect her daughter.

While Naina is spying on Firoze Contractor, an associate of Illiyasi, Kabir finds that there is a plastic surgeon among various contacts of Illiyasi, Dr. Mallika Singhal. Dr. Singhal did plastic surgery for Illiyasi. He realizes that Contractor is, in fact, Illiyasi himself and rushes to help Naina but cannot save her life.


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War full movie download in Hindi 720p: Vaani Kapoor

At present, through Roohi, Khalid traces Kabir to a Christmas party, they briefly discuss at Kabir’s hideout. At this point, there is a sudden attack and they both make it to Aditi’s wedding, Kerala.

Here, they get the drive that contains the secret code, which Illiyasi needs. But while the pair are celebrating on a boat and Kabir gives the drive to Khalid, he’s poisoned. It turns out Khalid is Saurabh in disguise.

The film now shifts to a flashback, in which Illiyasi kills Khalid as he’s chasing Saurabh. Then Saurabh gets plastic surgery to make him look exactly like Khalid. And when Illiyasi’s henchmen shoot Khalid, they actually shoot Saurabh, so that he’s recovered by the army. Returning to the present, Saurabh throws Kabir into the river.

Saurabh then returns to his headquarters with Illiyasi. The headquarter is an armed ship that later launches a missile to destroy the military satellite that monitors the Indo-Pakistan border to support the Indian military forces in communicating among remote areas.

War full movie download in Hindi 720p

As soon as the missile is launched, Kabir lands on the ship and attacks the ship all by himself, kill all Illiyasi’s man then confronts Saurabh, saying that he knows that’s not Khalid.

Kabir reveals that he knew because of how Saurabh aimed and shot, which real Khalid couldn’t have due to his impaired vision as well as the choice of drink.

Therefore, Kabir put Aditi to spy on Saurabh and got an antidote to avoid being poisoned. Now, Saurabh shoots Illiyasi dead and flees. Kabir chases Saurabh, ending up fighting with Saurabh in a church and wins. Then the dome of the church collapses, killing Saurabh.

Khalid is honored for his sacrifice, Nafeesa receives an award. Meanwhile, Kabir spends time with Roohi and moves on to his next undercover mission.

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War full movie download

Alright, it took me a while because this movie is extremely hard to find on the internet. If you search for War full movie download filmywap, I’l save you some time, no hope there.

You can go to YouTube, where a lot of Hindi movies have been uploaded, to find War full movie download in HD. But there’s no hope there either, trust me, there’s just a bunch of videos tilted War but turns out to be different content.

And those who uploaded those fake War films turn off the comment section to make sure you cannot tell anyone else.

I searched all over the internet and finally managed to find War full movie download link on Dailymotion. But things are not perfect, it not a War 2019 download 720p link for the full movie. It’s divided into four parts and I will provide the links for you below.

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