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Brake Kits vs Big Brake Kits: What Are the Differences?

You are thinking about upgrading your truck brakes but you aren’t sure which kit you are going to buy yet. When you look at the options, you notice that some sets are listed as big brake kits. If you are like most people, this makes you wonder what the difference is. Are they just bigger? What is the point of buying a big brake kit versus a regular brake kit?

Whats in Brake Kits?

First, it is worth examining what is in a brake kit. They always include brake pads, rotors and various supporting items such as rotor rings, fluid, brake lines, sensors and fittings. Many performance kits also include brake calipers, the parts that perform the actual movement of pressing the brake pads against the rotors.

No matter what brake kit you choose, you will gain the benefit of brand-new components. With new rotors and brake pads, you can experience an almost immediate braking performance increase. However, some brake kits are serious improvements over that. They can significantly outperform stock brakes, especially in high-stress situations such as towing or racing.

Big Brake Kits Vs. Brake Kits

Ultimately, the difference between big brake kits and brake kits is mostly in the name. Both contain more or less the same components; just big brakes are bigger. They contain larger rotors, calipers and brake pads. In many cases, they have larger supporting parts as well to accommodate the larger primary braking components.

However, there is a little more to the story. Big brake kits are always performance upgrades. You can even order a custom brake kit with exactly the parts you want. In other words, you will be getting some high-quality parts when you order a big brake kit.

Conversely, some regular brake kits are just intended are replacements for the OEM parts. So, you may not be getting the performance increase. Nonetheless, there are stock-size aftermarket brake kits that can significantly improve performance.

Is Bigger Always Better?

When it comes to stopping power, the short answer is yes. Larger brakes can create more friction when you are pressing on the pedal. Plus, they have more mass to absorb and dissipate heat. So, they tend to suffer less from brake fade.

That being said, there are stock-size brake kits that can outperform big brake kits. The quality of the material and the design can make a huge difference. It is hard to overcome the physics of size, but it is far from impossible.

Furthermore, big brake kits can be difficult to install. They are large and cumbersome. Nearly all of them require new mounting hardware that may be much more extensive than a regular brake kit. In some cases, they even require some modifications to the car components surrounding the brakes.

Learn More Today

Whether you order Power Stop Z23 Evolution brake kits, a racing brake kit or the biggest brake kit you can find, upgrading your brakes can make a world of difference. Learn more about brakes today and get started on the journey to ultimate stopping power. You’ll never look back.

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